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The ideal combination of softer and firmer was only a dream until now. Today, Darzee brings you the perfect foam mattress that is durable, comfortable, and highly resilient. Darzee's Passio mattress is designed to exert force upward as your weight pulls you down, offering each part of your body perfect support for an undisturbed sleep all night long.


  • Dual Comfort Mattress: Passio Mattress comes with High-Density Foam with Soft & Firm sides so both sides of the mattress can be used as per the preference. The softer side is preferred by people who sleep on the stomach & the firmer side is preferred by people who sleep on the side.


  • Minimises Disruptive Motion: Passio Mattress is designed to minimize motion and ensures that your partner's sleep isn't disturbed due to movement on the other side of the mattress.


  • For Side & Stomach Sleepers: Passio Mattress features Dual Comfort with High-Density Foam on one side & Plush foam on the other and is highly recommended for side & stomach sleepers for a good night's sleep.


  • 10 Years Warranty: Darzee Passio Mattress comes with a 10 Year warranty for your peace of mind.


  • Direct from the factory: Made with non-toxic material and vacuum packed in a sanitized and hygienic environment.

    For all the models only base HR foam will be increased to make it 8"


SKU: 1
PriceFrom ₹4,665.57
    • Made of High Resilience Foam - the highest grade of Polyurethane foam. 
    • The foam contours the body and its cell structure enables extreme elasticity and provides the additional supporting force.
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