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About Us

During our childhood, as soon as the clock struck 9 in the evening, there was this immediate call of our mothers, telling us to hit the bed. The next morning, we use to wake up early, fresh and excited for school. Do you ever wonder why each of our mothers correlated sleeping early with a productive day at school? Ever wondered why today, you no longer feel as refreshed after you wake up as you felt then? Growing up in our lives certainly changes a lot of things in us, except one - the body's need of a sound sleep. 

A sound sleep rejuvenates the body. It gives us the energy to perform better: physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is known to everyone that various important brain functions like cognition, productivity, and concentration are related to sleep. And hence, our Vision at Darzee is driven by our passion for your Mental and Physical well being. We envision a world where everybody is living their life to their fullest potential because of sleeping well. To reach there, our mission is to provide people perfectly crafted mattresses which are priced fairly, so that you can live a better, healthy and productive life.

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