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Darzee's Ortho memory foam mattress is crafted with High resilience Foam which provides balance and support to your whole body. The Green Gel Memory Foam technology ensures zero-motion transfer while also keeping the mattress cool.


According to experts, Darzee?s Ortho mattress may even help you see an improvement in your posture over time as it contours your body and keeps your spine aligned every night.


  • Orthopaedic Memory Foam: Darzee Ortho Mattress is built with Orthopaedic Grade Memory Foam for Immense Pressure Relief around the curves. The mattress is encapsulated in High G.S.M Jacquard Fabric for improved longevity.


  • Temperature Regulator: Darzee Ortho Mattress features an added layer of gel-infused temperature regulating foam to ensure deep sleep.


  • Perfect For Every Type Of Sleeper: Darzee Ortho Mattress features plush Memory Foam that is perfect for every sleeping posture and ensures a 5 Star hotel-like experience.


  • Firmness: 7 out of 10. Plush, Medium Firm Mattress that cradles and adapts to the body's shape and provides adequate support to the posture.


  • Darzee Ortho Mattress comes with a 10 Year warranty for your peace of mind. Made with non-toxic material and vacuum packed in a sanitized and hygienic environment.

    For all the models only base HR foam will be increased to make it 8"


SKU: 3
PriceFrom ₹5,131.82
    • The ideal mattress for people who have chronic back pain issues. 
    • Designed with Green Gel Memory Foam technology to regulate temperature.
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