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Many health professionals including Osteopaths, physical therapists, and chiropractors recommend latex mattresses for back pain relief. The chemical-free natural latex mattress is healthier for the body in comparison to the regular market variant. The natural spring action of the Natutex mattress also provides excellent support to the body.


  • 100% Natural Latex: Natutex Mattress is built with 100% Natural Latex imported from Thailand processed and encapsulated in High G.S.M Jacquard Fabric.


  • Antimicrobial & Hypo-Allergenic: With Antimicrobial Fabric & Hypo-Allergenic Treatment, Natutex Mattress eliminates all bacteria and viruses for a safer sleeping experience. It also increases the longevity of the mattress.


  • 7 Zone Technology: Darzee Natutex Mattress features 7 Zone Support Technology that provides optimum support to all the regions of the body ie. 1. Head & Neck, 2. Shoulder & Upper Back, 3. Lumbar, 4. Pelvic, 5. Knees, 6. Lower Leg, 7. Foot & Ankle thus making it ideal for all sleeping postures and ensuring a 5 Star hotel experience.


  • Firmness: 7 out of 10. Plush, Medium Firm Mattress with additional support to the posture.


  • Darzee Natutex Mattress comes with a 10 Year warranty for your peace of mind.


  • Direct from the factory: Made with non-toxic material and vacuum packed in a sanitized and hygienic environment.

    For all the models only base HR foam will be increased to make it 8"


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PriceFrom ₹6,019.23
    • 100% natural, Darzee?s Natutex is produced from the sap of the Rubber tree - Hevea Brasiliensis.  
    • Natutex is endowed with comfort cushioning properties and also has the ability to promote natural spine alignment.